Who We Are?

The History Behind Our Internet Marketing Company JSI Media was founded by Joe Guerrieri. He first got into computers when he was in college at Florida State University. At first he did what everyone loved to do at that time, play games. After college Joe started to learn networking and soon became a network administrator. After being a network administrator another opportunity came his way to become a computer programmer.  After getting his degree in ‘Computer Programming Analysis’ , Joe decided to learn javascript and start designing and building web sites. He then decided to become a Google partner and start helping his clients with SEO and PPC. It worked so well that JSI Media started expanding faster than he can design the websites. Now we are a full internet advertising with years knowledge ready to help you.

Why Choose us?

JSI Media knows how hard it is to find the right company for your business. Finding an honest, truthful company is very hard in today. JSI Media’s company was built on honesty and friendship. Not only do we send you reports when you want them, show you results of our some of our current clients, we also can put you in touch with some of them. We want you to have 100% faith in our company. We thrive on the honest and hardworking aspect of this business. Dont hesitate to call and talk to someone from our company.

Our professionals are hands on with all JSI Media’s clients. We

are always available to talk through text, email, or phone.