What are the ranking factors in SEO?

What are the ranking factors in SEO?

Everyone wants their websites to be at the top of Google search results. Who wants to make an online store or blog, only to see that no one is visiting that? Studies show that 95% of the people don’t go past the first age of search results. People usually go for the results that are at the top and they also think that all the relevant information is available in the top results only. If you don’t want this to happen to your store or website you need to show up on top of Google’s search results. And to do that you need to cope up with Google’s ever-changing SEO ranking factors. There are more than 200 SEO ranking factors but Google has never released any official list and to cause even more confusion they keep on varying. Out of all these 200 factors not all are equally important, so here is a list of 4 SEO ranking factors which every beginner should keep in mind:


Content has now been the oldest and still relevant SEO factor. As we all know Google’s search algorithm depends on keywords. So it’s very important for you to use keywords in your content. It’s not just about< keywords though it’s also instrumental to include words related to terms which people are searching for. This is known as Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) keywords. Content length also affects the rankings so keep that in mind too. Creating a meta description that appeals to viewers helps with theranking too.


Mobile-friendliness is something which has recently emerged as an important ranking factor. People use their mobiles to do all their works that needs an internet connection only. Usage of mobile is more than of desktops so it&#39;s really important for us to make websites adaptable for mobile site too. About 85% of the sites that are displayed on Google are now mobile friendly. In 2017, the mobile traffic in the US overtook desktop traffic. Google’s mobile-first index is no more a secret and Google will automatically choose mobile optimized site over a desktop optimized site. So your website needs to be prepared for this, it should have larger texts and attractive design so that’s it’s easy to read on smaller screens. The navigation and accessibility of the mobile site need to be fast and optimized.


Back-linking continues to be an important SEO ranking factor but over the years Google has evolved and is now able to sort out the good links between the bad links. Google has data on sites which have quality backlinks using PageRank. PageRank keeps score on how good and valuable your links are. When your website is connected to a trustworthy site through a backlink it makes your site look more genuine to search engines.

User Experience

User experience is one of the major factors. What a user is experiencing on other websites and on your website will make huge difference. People have the tendency to compare everything; they will see which one is better. It’s our responsibility to make their experience delightful so that they will get back to us only every time.

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Top SEO Services for 2019

Top SEO Services for 2019

If you are into digital marketing, you know that Google is a massive leader holding up to 67% of the desktop and 89% of the mobile traffic. And that’s nothing new. They’re in the market since the 1990’s and from then, they are ruling the digitize word. You need to satisfy Google’s criteria if you want more traffic and to generate some revenue with your product. Here in this list, we have the best 7 SEO services which will skyrocket your ranking on Google page.

Moz Local Listing Score

Moz Local do the hardest work for you, it lets you spend more time with your customers. In today’s competitive era, it is brutal to rank your website. You can increase the ranking of your website by targeting customers locally. Moz Local Listing Score helps you by searching data from over fifteen different sources to make your business better. It searches sites like Foursquare, Facebook, and Google. Your results will include actionable fixes for your variable or incomplete listings. This is one of the most important Moz tools, you should be focusing on.

Quick Sprout Website Analyzer

Quick Sprout Website Analyzer is one of the fantastic SEO services. It offers you a variety of facts, figures and sites so that you can compare your site with your competitors. This analyzer gives you the feedback in a visually appealing format. Stats come in different colors so that you can easily see the comparison and understand it. You will be able to check the site’s overall SEO score, page speed, estimated traffic and social shares by using the Quick Sprout tool.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google holds a high percentage of mobile traffic so it is mandatory that your site should be optimized. There should be a mobile version for your website using which can help you in determining your page rankings. You need to speed up things now because competition is increasing day by day. The web pages and your whole website should be optimized for mobile devices. That means your website should have better and ultrafast load times.

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is part of Google’s best SEO websites package Bing Webmaster Tools may be less convincing, but it can still update you about bugs, alerts, and indexing issues. It’ll also give you an idea of how other search engines may see your site differently. Both tools need installation.  These tools require you to paste some code into your webpage.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you some free tools that you need to analyze data for your business in one place. You can make smarter decisions with the help of Google analytics. Analytics provides you with the power to track every kind of traffic that you can imagine and its source on your website. Google Analytics provides feedback which is helpful to focus on the latest market keywords. It’s free, but you must sign up to use it. Then Google will give you a tracking code that you’ll need to paste onto your webpage, so they know when visitors reach your site. In just a few times, you insert that code; you’ll be able to analyze your site metrics.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Quick Sprout Website Analyzer offers you a variety of metrics and site comparisons. You can use it to compare your site with your competitors. The feedback comes in a visually appealing format. The stats from each site you compare come in different colors. You can easily check out a site’s overall SEO score, page speed, social shares, and estimated traffic.

Moz Toolbar

SEO means knowing everything about the right information. Mozbar toolbar can help you to discover all that information at a glance, with only the click of a button. MozBar creates an instantaneous report on whatever website you visit. It’ll give you feedback on-page elements, page attributes, and link data. It also offers a few more excellent features to paid subscribers.

Whether you like it or not, SEO plays a vital role in your online business. It’s the biggest source of free organic traffic, leads, and customers. The List we shared above will help your business in achieving high rankings in 2019.

It’s Your time to shine Your business.

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